Crochet Angel – Free Pattern

Crochet grew more and more in the world of crafts, sought after by people for a hobby, sales for people who have crochet as a source of income and also for people who have depression, lack of courage, research prove that doing crafts is good for the mind, motoring and concentration are an excellent therapy. Doing something with your own hands is very rewarding and a way of expressing yourself, having only positive effects.

Crochet can be used for decoration in various situations, one of them is Christmas and nothing better than making your own decoration is not even .. and still done with your hands giving your touch in every detail making a difference in the final piece. This pattern we are going to learn today is an angel made of crochet to decorate your home for Christmas by placing it on the tree, fireplace, on your table, on the stairs, in the present, finally, where you want to place it. Come on then, get your materials and come with us.

There are several types of crochet angel patterns that can be made, this model is just one of the ways that it can be made. But as our craft world is always innovative, we can prefer to change the pattern whenever we want by changing the tip of the lower body of the angel or also having the option to change the color of the angel, not necessarily always using white, but doing it accordingly according to your preference or according to your decoration.

In craftsmanship, imagination and creativity count a lot. You can leave the pattern smooth without details or add details such as beads, buttons or glitter to color, give an original decoration or a special touch and you can also use interwoven ribbons that make your project beautiful.

This pattern is very popular and used at Christmas time. Many people research crochet angel patterns to help decorate their tree or even decorate their home. The angel is one of the symbols used at Christmas, so how about learning and practicing to get organized for the next Christmas, starting your decoration project or even being able to sell and thus having an extra income.

Let’s go to the pattern

And let’s go to the most important part which is the pattern. Below is an angel model that you can make and get a wonderful end result. In the video tutorial you have the step by step being easy and practical to understand, being able to pause and return where you have doubts and do everything correctly. Enjoy and learn right now, this pattern is basic level, good job to all.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern that we left with love for you and come back to see other patterns that we always leave the site updated. Different patterns to learn and practice every week. Success for all beginners and for those advanced in this craft that is so satisfying for us and brings several health benefits also beyond to our mind.


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