Crochet Patterns Alphabet

Crochet has grown a lot in recent years, modernizing itself more and more. It used to be an old-time hobby, or grandmother’s thing, that sat in your rocking chair on the porch or in your living room and spent hours there doing crochet, creating beautiful pieces with hands, and most of the pieces giving away. for his children and grandchildren, he made pieces like cardigans, scarves and blankets, and gift giving was what they loved. But nowadays crochet was acquired by people of all ages and even men now make wonderful crochet.

Aside from being a hobby, it has also become something therapeutic as it is indicated to treat people with depression, anxiety in the end only brings benefits. Every time the time passes new crochet patterns are created and modernized, so always stay fashionable and tall, never left behind. Crochet has a strong tendency, whether in the decoration or in the wardrobe of women and children.

The free crochet pattern left here is in a crochet alphabet letter blanket. Used in all seasons, they are great for kids to learn the alphabet and faster to become a joke and to write more letters. Having two functions, warm up from the cold and help in literacy. This pattern can be modified the way you want it, there are several ways to leave the pieces leaving whatever you prefer.

Ways to make this pattern

This pattern has several different ways of doing this. You can make separate letters by making a square for each letter, or you can make a children’s cover with all the letters of the alphabet in one or else you can put words with the letters in a blanket as shown in the pictures as an example of alphabet pattern crochet with several mixed words that can do everything in the same direction or make the words horizontal and vertical as in the photo.

One can make pieces such as rugs to be dynamic, can put baby bedroom curtains also decorating make mixed letters or even write the child’s name, being able to make the letters of the name and put in the door anyway .. that your imagination send because there are several ways. I love baby stuff made from crochet even more when it’s made by yourself.

Below is the free crochet pattern chart to use on all the letters you just printed or see for the same phone, whichever you prefer. With the graphic is much easier to do, there is only change as you want eg increase in size only increases the number of points if you want to separate letters or joints forming words or if you want to mix with heart patterns you have in this free site – Crochet bobble stitch will look beautiful.

Below I leave a video tutorial with the step by step of how to make the lyrics, open this video on youtube and see the sequences of the lyrics that you teach at home video, see better how it is done than just reading is not really … so enjoy all possible information and graphics and do your wonderful job. Good luck.


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