Pattern Crochet Cardigan Baby

Hello Crocheters .. who is always looking for news and improvements more and more, All right with you? They are ready for another job of our beloved crafts. Today the standard Crochet Cardigan baby. In this pattern was used a crochet hook and a crochet stitch of double size 4 wool, but feel free to use what you prefer and are already accustomed and make different combinations of colors. Use your imagination!!

The jacket is closed in the middle with large satin ribbon, one can make a room to pass the tape as shown in the photo. But you can do as you prefer and leave your crochet with your taste and personality, there are other ways to do with buttons or rings or other types of ribbons as you prefer. The possibilities are endless, the craftsmanship is like this, we can do as we prefer. The pattern for a newborn

About the Pattern 

Slip knot

Chain (ch) 50

Step by step

Row 1
Treble (tr) into 4th ch from hook
Tr into every ch (47 sts)

Row 2Ch 2
*1tr into next 4 sts, 2tr into 5th st (rep from * to end) (57 sts)

Row 3Ch 2
*1tr into next 5 sts, 2tr into 6th st (rep from * to end) (67 sts)

Row 4Ch 2
*1tr into next 6sts, 2tr into 7th st (rep from * to end) (77 sts))

Row 5Ch 2
*1tr into next 7sts, 2tr into 8th st (rep from * to end) (87sts)

Row 6Ch 2
*1tr into next 8sts, 2tr into 9th st (rep from * to end) (97 sts)

Row 7Ch 2

Create a Bobble

Yarn over hook, Hook through 2nd st, Yarn over hook, (rep from * two more times) Pull yarn through all sts on hook (7) Yarn over, pull through st. Create a bobble again through same st.

*Ch 1, Miss three, 2 bobbles ( rep from * twice more) Miss three, 1 bobble (3 1/2 bobble sets on the front)

Count 19 , 1 bobble into st (this leaves a space for the armhole)

*ch 1, miss three, 2 bobbles (rep from * 7 times). Count 19 , 1 bobble into st ,*ch 1, miss three, 2 bobbles (rep from * 3 times to end) ch1 miss one st ,1 tr into last st

So you should have 2 x 3 1/2 bobble sets on the front then 1/2 bobble, 7 bobble sets, 1/2 bobble on the back plus two arm holes of 19 chains in each gap. Line 8-16

CH 2

* Miss three, 2 bubbles, ch 1 (rep from * end) TR in last st. When the cardigan is the required length ch 1, turn, double chain (dc) around the edge in each repetition of the St.


Wire node under my arm to attach the two bobbles together.

Line 1-7

1 very wide * 2 ch bobble in the first st, ch1, losing three (rep of) (6 sets of bubbles). Slip into first ch (ss)

Line 8 and 9

1ch, dc in each st, ss in 1st st. Fasten off and repeat on the other sleeve. 

This pattern can be left without holes for placing buttons just as we gave the example in the photo above a red cardigan using a ribbon using two pa. Another model that we can use is the same crochet pattern that I leave in the link below that can put buttons.

Below is the link with the most complete pattern for you with the step by step too and with more information. Use your imagination, make combinations of colors and tones, have fun. I hope you enjoyed this tip of beautiful work, comment here on our website how was your experience with this pattern, your result.

Save our website in your favorites bar and stay on top of our news that we always bring here with all the love we have prepared and separated beautiful patterns of success for all levels, so until the next post.

Pattern Written – Crochet Cardigan Baby

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