Bag of Crochet Pattern Free


Bag of Crochet Pattern Free – Crochet for many years is used in everything, clothes, rugs, curtains, tablecloths, decorations, covers, bedspreads in short, everything that the imagination sends. The variation is very large and new patterns are created every day. With this variety of pieces and jobs we also have several sizes of pieces that you can make according to the purpose you are going to use.

Today’s crochet pattern is free like everyone else, and it’s a little different than I always bring, it’s one of the most useful crochet items that is a crochet grocery bag, thinking clearly about sustainability, so you don’t need to use plastic bags or paper. You can take it wherever you go because it is practical and woven.  Our day-to-day life is very busy, isn’t it, I always make a list of what I have to do to not forget anything.


I still don’t have any children and I wonder what the routine is like for a woman who has to take care of the house, the children and still have time to have her time with the crochet.  With this rush we have to do something that makes us feel good and helps to distract. Crochet is just one of the most well-known hobbies in the world and it has several benefits for everyone who practices such as: awakening your creative side of the brain, avoiding the stress and stress of your day, keeping your brain always active, in short, healthy many health benefits it has. 

Bag of Crochet Pattern Free


Yarn: acrylic weight Worsted
Sample: Red Heart Super Saver
Needle: Which one to choose

About Pattern – Bag of Crochet Pattern Free

It is necessary to change our habits to reduce the impacts on the planet, one of them is using sustainable bags. Plastic bags have a great impact on the environment as they take about 300 years to decompose. Some stores still use plastic bags and others use those returnable bags, which are also a great option to use it because they are durable to take good care of.

According to United Nations surveys, each year the planet uses around 500 billion plastic bags, and it has been estimated that each year 8 million tons of plastic are found in the oceans, compared to an example of a garbage truck full every minute, those numbers are scary.

Each time you discard the plastic bag, you are adding more waste to nature. It can clog pipes, thus generating several floods and increasing waste, it can also affect animals by choking, accumulating standing water and much more. So why not exchange all these problems mentioned above for a returnable bag and help the planet? Taking good care of your ecobag it will last a long time, being able to be reused for years and not discarding bags.

So today, in addition to learning a new crochet pattern, you are also doing something good for the environment, for the planet. Uses legal option for public bodies to distribute to their employees, to schools as well. One encouraging the other helps a lot.


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Pattern Available

If you liked this idea and this pattern shown in the photo above, do it right now, it is very easy to do. Set aside time in your schedule and make this pattern, practicing is always good for your hand skills. Share this idea with your friends, in addition to helping you will be doing beautiful jobs.

Change the color or ornament as you like. Good work and until the next project here on our website, stay tuned. Thanks to all the readers for all the support and for liking our site, I do it with great affection. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern Free – Bag of Crochet Pattern - crochet