Mystical Lanterns Crochet Blanket


Mystical Lanterns Crochet –  Hi girls, how are you? I am very happy with the results that our readers are having, this motivates me more and more to be here sharing what I think is new on the internet and I see that the result is incredible. Today the day is full of commitments, but I’m happy to find so many beautiful things free, I’m sure you will like it. This pandemic has scared everyone but nothing better than staying at home, taking care of yourself and doing your crochet or quilt.

The pattern that I bring today, enchanted me a lot when I saw it and gave me many ideas to create many things with this wonderful crochet pattern. I am very proud of what I do, I know that with this, with the website, I have reached many people looking for patterns to make and practice. Here I have visits from people of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced crochet and quilt. Today our pattern is crochet, so let’s get our needles and threads and start the work.


As said, today’s patter is crochet that has the name of Mystical Lanterns Blanket. The years go by and new patterns and techniques are always created to make the stitches thus creating new styles of patterns. I’ve been in love with crochet for years, ever since my grandmother did it. Now I practice alone for 5 years and I won’t let go. I left an inspiring picture of how the pattern is ready to see the details and how it is complete. 

Mystical Lanterns Crochet

Mystical Lanterns Crochet Blanket

This pattern is widely used to make blankets, but I saw several pictures of finished works with this stitch made for a quilt to warm up in the cold, a blanket for a sofa, a shawl to warm up and also give a charm to your look, giving more style and I also saw several pictures of tablecloths, it looks really amazing and has a very delicate finish.

Decorate your environment by making your own decor. Loving to share this pattern with my readers, you give me more joy when I see the comments and results. The size will depend on how many you are going to make and join, a quilt for example because it is bigger, it takes more time to finish.


About Pattern

Choose the threads and make beautiful work, the colors change the final result, strong colors make the work more dark, it depends a lot on where you will use it and what you will do. What is most common to use is a mixture of 4/5 colors in the pattern, but I’ve seen a combination of 2 colors and it was amazing. Any color you put with white is beautiful and the pattern lighter, but you can put the outline of brown.

An organizational tip is to separate the threads by colors and place them in bags of light threads and dark threads. It is better for the time you are looking for a color, more practical and quick. Define what you want to do and choose your colors before starting the pattern so as not to run the risk of running out and not having enough of the color.


I was thinking of making a bedspread with 2 colors for my new bed, to inaugurate my bed with new decor, and I chose this pattern because it has an incredible designer. I’m sure my grandma will love this bedspread, I’ll have to make one for her later. (Laughs).

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Pattern available

I found the Jane Crowfoot Mystic Lanterns pattern in the ravelry, but there it gets paid, so I researched more to look for something free. I found a video tutorial with all the step by step to get it done. If I learned it, you can too. I hope you like this pattern as well as me, comment later what you think. Below is the graph and then the video tutorial, enjoy. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.