Crochet Harlequin Blanket


Crochet Harlequin Blanket – Hello friends, welcome again here on our website that I love so much. The end of the year is coming and with it many parties coming, meetings with families, many celebrations, how I love all this, being with my family having a special moment, a moment of laughter, remembering the old days and most of the time we see relatives who haven’t seen for a long time is not. And then the new year comes to celebrate the year to come.

Christmas is one of my favorite dates of the whole year, I believe it belongs to several people as well. With that we will update the site full of news for you. Date when we always meet with family, friends, exchange gifts, make several games always together, laughing and talking with all the people we love. It is really a moment of unity, of taking care of the family and also of rest to prepare for the year to come.


I was unable to post anything here on the site last week for you because of the commitments, this is starting to get a busy schedule but I believe that you are also in the preparations is not. Now bring lots of cool things, returning to the routine for another special New Year, I have several projects here saved on my computer for you, save the site in the favorites bar so you can get in easier and not lose any post.

Crochet Harlequin Blanket

Crochet Harlequin Blanket

I hope that this end of year will be very good and pleasant for everyone, that this landmark date will be very special. If it’s your first time here on our website, being the first time that you come to read any post, pattern, be very welcome, here we post crochet or quilt patterns daily.

Today I bring to all of you who come with us a crochet pattern that has a very beautiful and charming designer. It is known by the name of Crochet Harlequin, that name was given to this stitch that has the appearance of a bag, which making several stitches together give a beautiful result and also a beautiful finish. This pattern is an excellent tip to give a beautiful Christmas gift, making a crochet blanket with this Harlequin stitch. 

Start right now to do your project or add a list of future jobs to the moon. This pattern is at a beginner level, that’s right, everyone who is in the beginning phase in crochet can make this stitch, it is not difficult and very easy to understand.

Choose your colors, make your mix or tone on tone and have fun doing this job. If you give it to someone, the tip is to choose darker classic colors or make the color the person likes. Remembering here to use delicate, soft threads for pieces made for babies. This is blanket size: approx. 34 x 34 inches.


  • 4 rows Bernat Roving in color rice paper
  • 3 rooks Bernat Roving in cobalt color
  • 1 ball Bernat Roving in Coral color
  • Hook Size L
  • Scissors
  • Blind Point Model Tapestry Needle

About the Pattern 

Anyway, I hope you like this pattern that I brought here today to start the week practicing your crochet and getting more and more experiences in this world of handicrafts that we love, right? Below, you will find the link I left step by step, I shared with you the link of the pattern that I found totally free. I left the step-by-step link all written and also the step-by-step PDF link, making it better for those who prefer to print so they can carry it in the bag and practice wherever they are.


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The links below today’s pattern are the ones I found most appropriate to understand and follow. Just below the photo I also left to help even more, the step by step of the crochet pattern of Manta Harlequin in the form of a video, is a video tutorial that explains everything right, each step of how to make this work.

The good thing is to go on doing it together with the video, so learn the right spot and take any doubts you have, and you can also go back and watch as many times as you want.  I hope you like the result of the pattern, the photos left in this post are the pattern finished with these color options, but you can do it in the color you prefer.

Take advantage of all the information left here, as this pattern is very complete: pattern in PDF, written pattern and also the unmissable video tutorial. So start your project now and until the next pattern, I wait for you here. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Free Pattern Writing ☞Crochet Harlequin Blanket

Pattern PDF to print Free ☞ Harlequin Blanket