Carpenter´s Star Quilt


Carpenter´s Star Quilt – Hello, welcome to our beloved website, if it’s your first time here I hope you wish our content, we attempt to leave patterns with free step by step. Our website aims to assist, many folks have access to the standards they seek, we update our website during the week. Here during this post today we’ll learn another pattern of patchwork, quilt to further improve our knowledge and skill. so as to be good at your jobs, you would like to always practice, so your motor coordination improves and your easy making new patterns is getting more practical and ideal on a daily basis. 

I always have a look at the comments they send us, i favor to understand how your work is doing and also receive photos of the results, on Christmas it had been the season that I received the foremost photos and that i was very proud of it, a more beautiful work than the opposite. I hope you wish the pattern I set for today’s post, enjoy and let’s go. 


As stated above, in today’s post we will learn another fabric quilt model. a beautiful work made with fabrics joined by sewing, remembering that you can do it by hand, but if you have a machine it is more practical and quick and that they also advise that the work comes out more perfect and in the sewing pattern.

Carpenter´s Star Quilt

Carpenter´s Star Quilt

Today’s pattern name is Carpenter Star Quilt. This pattern is yet one more well-known and practiced pattern and its result’s just perfect too. Intermediate level but it’s possible for others to undertake to thereto. On the online you will be able to find countless photos of the final word result where you will get inspired by the colors and what to use.

Before doing my job I always seek for pieces able to inspire me within the colour I’m visiting make which i also look for different ideas of where to use this pattern, it helps our imagination and creativity, a tip for you.

Making the Pattern

To make this pattern it’s necessary to concentrate to the assembly of the fabrics so as to not err within the directions of the pieces. Before you begin, confirm you’ve got all the pieces within the correct quantity, all the squares and diamonds, and so assemble the pattern. This pattern is among the simplest known and practiced since a few years ago and is usually successful. 

There are enough pieces to be sewn, but the ending is wonderful, seeing the look form is satisfactory. the amount of difficulty of this pattern is intermediate thanks to the amount of blocks that must be joined together, sewing. A tip is, if you create large blocks 1 piece rather than 2 joined makes it easier and finish your work faster.


This pattern is called by several names besides the Carpenters Star similarly as Wheel Carpenter, so it may be found on the web under another name but it’ll be the identical pattern. Did you prefer the pattern? within the photos I left during this post are to inspire and see the ultimate results of this incredible work.

Choose the colour you favor, I left a photograph of a more neutral work and another of a more colorful and lively work showing that it’s good in any color you select. This is often an excellent pattern to practice now in quarantine that i’m writing for you. Good choice to present someone dear.

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Below I leave the PDF freed from this pattern with all the knowledge you may need. Enjoy and make beautiful pieces taking the pattern wherever you go, just print and prepared you’ll make it on your home balcony, within the park or anywhere you’re to chop your pieces. Until next time and good work to you all. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

Pattern PDF Free – Carpenter´s Star - quilt

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