Pattern Shell Stitch Blanket


Hello friends, welcome here on our dear website. Shell crochet – I was missing for a few days because I was working so hard and couldn’t come here to write and share beautiful things with everyone. Last week my health was a little bad, with an infected ear but now it’s getting better, I’m taking care of it and treating it to stay normal. But it bothers a lot and it’s a sensitive area that makes the throat feel bad too, so I had to take some time for myself, to recover and get it, just sit here at the computer.

I was always remembering and thinking that I had to write soon because a lot of people follow me around here and wait for new patterns every week like we always do. As many already know our site, already know how it works and how I work, wait for the week’s post to do new things, know that this is a site to learn and very useful helping many people with free patterns.


Working with handicrafts makes us calmer, calmer, improves our health and our memory, and we can earn extra income by selling our pieces, our products that have a very low cost, just with wires. It takes little money to buy the threads and needles, but needles last for many years so the only expense is with the threads and the rest is with your hands and ideas to produce, choosing a better and calm place and the best thing is without leaving from home or doing in your spare time.

shell crochet

Pattern Shell Stitch Blanket

It was with crochet that I changed my life many opportunities and my health improved after I brought crochet into my routine, it gives me a lot of satisfaction when I finish a job, it’s very gratifying.I know that those who do and love, understand what I’m talking about.

Today we are going to learn one more crochet pattern for your experience and make beautiful work, with wonderful results. So let’s go. Today’s pattern is from a point called Shells, it is very well known, it has been practiced by many people and above all, it is a technique that is easy and the result is beautiful.

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This pattern is easy to find pictures of various models of the pieces he is used to make and of course it is a pattern that can be innovated, changed to be more original, as you prefer. Every day we see beautiful patterns and with crochet we can modify the old pieces, or mix stitches and become much more beautiful and being a unique piece, without another equal, enjoy this ease of molding and making amazing works. Crochet yarns are cheap and very easy to find, so it is very good for those who make their pieces for sale.


Now with the pandemic, there is nothing better than inventing something to earn extra income, many people have been making things at home, both with crafts and things to eat, sweets so they don’t run out of money and help with household expenses.

Pattern Available

Below you will find a pdf that I have made available on the link so it is better to be able to print and use without needing a notebook or cell phone to see the step by step. If you also prefer, to help, I left a video tutorial where you will find all the explanation for making a crochet blanket with Shell stitch, enjoy all the information and make beautiful pieces and delight people, good job and we’ll meet you in the next pattern, come back ever. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern PDF –  Shell Stitch Blanket


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