Crochet Block a Week CAL

Welcome to our website, another post with a beautiful article for you, today is a crochet pattern. Crochet is a fantastic craft, right, it never goes out of fashion and is always renewed. We do not know the date when crochet came about, but it has been around for many years since prehistory and has been practiced by thousands of people just like us. It is always updated and modernized, every day they create new patterns and ways to do it, being a great hobby and also bringing several benefits for people of all ages.

For beginners, crochet is a handicraft made with a needle, better said it is a hook that has several sizes that give different results and chosen according to the different pieces and size of your thread, thinner or thicker. Then choose the hooks according to the line you are going to use in your project, for thicker lines with more wires you need bigger hooks. The crochet is very similar to the manual knitting, it is made only with a type of needle, different from the crochet that there are several needles of different numbers.

Crochet bedspread

Crochet bedspreads are always charming, even though they take longer to make, they always make us happy with the result, right? The result is always what gives us the courage, that it is worth it to spend hours crochet each stitch, each hit if you make a mistake comes back and makes a difference, because it is final and rewarding. In all types of crafts we have to have dedication, patience and determination regardless of your experience and level. - crochet

Today’s bedspread that I left in the image above is called Block a Week Cal, it is very reminiscent of the quilts that grandmothers used to make several squares for hours there to form a bedspread for the bed. A great option to keep warm in the winter as it is warm and comfortable, and also a great option to give as a gift to someone.

About the Pattern

In addition to making beautiful quilts we can use this pattern to make pillow covers to match the bedspread or just the covers to decorate your sofa, armchair. Another option is also blankets for babies or to cover sofas, becoming beautiful and charming too. Crochet never goes out of style so enjoy and use your imagination.

For people who make pieces to sell it is important to have several options so one tip is to make the bedspread, make pillow covers and blankets, for people to have the options. Remembering to always have one with more neutral and clear colors and another model with stronger colors to please all tastes. This pattern is very satisfying and you can decorate doing what you want with details you want to do in your work and give it a personal touch.

Well then let’s get to work, I’ll share the pattern link I used below, it’s a very complete pattern with the written tutorial of all parts, also containing the list of materials you’ll use, the sizes, the colors you used in model shown and also the written step by step of each block composed in the bedspread so that there is no doubt, each block has its tutorial, material used all right. Most complete tutorial I found for you. I hope you like it as much as I loved the result, comment later on what you found here on our website and good work for you, until the next pattern.

Pattern Crochet Written ⇝ Block a Week Cal - crochet

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