Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet


Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet – Welcome to our beloved website that we always separate incredible things for everyone, I hope you are enjoying it and always come here on our website to check out the news that we leave every week with great affection. Save our site as a favorite in your browser to make it easier for you to search the next time you check in and check out our weekly news. Here they will always be available for lovers of crafts, crochet and bedspreads, among other works made of crochet and we will also bring patterns of fabric scraps, quilt.

Today we are going to leave a very beautiful crochet pattern, for those who don’t know that word crochet means croc hook ‘of French origin.To practice this art and crochet, you don’t need to have a lot of materials and spend a lot being great and one more positive point, basically you will need a needle and crochet threads the rest is up to you, your hands, skills and creativity.


It has variations in the size of the hooks according to their thickness and the threads according to their texture, colors and quantity of threads. It is always good to learn new patterns, new techniques and improve our crafts. So don’t waste time, get your materials and let’s start this wonder.

Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet

Curiosities and Tips

To choose the size of the hook you must first see what you want to do as this will change the final result of the stitch, some make the stitch more apparent by being the largest, others more delicate using the smaller hooks. For carpets, for example, they usually use the larger hooks because the type of stitch you use is more apparent.

And larger stitches faster finish the pattern good for carpets even, while on smaller pieces or ornaments you should use a smaller hook to get better in the piece, an example is to use in garments, baby clothes and also ornaments making the point more delicate.

In yarns for babies and children, a softer yarn is used to avoid irritating the skin and also the cutest and most delicate piece as already said because of the smaller stitch. Being able to use even the textured and mixed threads, beware of the sparkles, as if they were rigid, can hurt the baby.

About the pattern – Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet

Today’s incredible pattern, as you saw in the image above that I left behind, is a very different and cool pattern to create, as it has a 3D designer. A different style of pattern and we who love crochet and, especially, the people who sell their pieces have extra income, we must always practice and learn new techniques and patterns.


This pattern today has the name Squared Diamond Granny Throw can even be called Kaledoscope, i’ve got seen elsewhere therewith name being the identical pattern and designer. It has a 3D effect that gives an incredible result, and to do so you must be very careful not to change the format. It is an intermediate level pattern but beginner level people can do too, just have dedication.

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Have fun making various combinations mixing the colors, this pattern is very free and it is possible to make many pieces of different styles. Below I leave the link of the pattern with the complete step by step and also has photos of each step made, enjoy and make beautiful pieces.

I also leave a video tutorial to make it even easier and can do along. Enjoy this free pattern for you and do beautiful works, I hope you enjoyed and come back always because we are updating our site with news every week. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern Step by Step – Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet