Pattern Labyrinth Quilt

Hello friend, welcome to another post on our site. Given the requests I am bringing a different pattenr of crochet, patterns of quilt or patchwork as you prefer or know this technique. I find it very cool and fun to do as the crochet, and this super trendy and high. The quilt technique has existed for a long time as well and is made up of exhibitions and quilt and pattern championships. This type of craftsmanship is also widely practiced and sought after, good for people who sell their jobs thus having an extra income at the end of the month, it may even be the main income depending on the customers and value of their pieces.

It has jobs that reach 3 thousand reais. We can do crochet work and also quilt reaching all the public craft of these modalities. We can always organize to make new patterns and practice, increase our skills and increase our knowledge to increasingly make new pieces of different levels of difficulty. Always the time we have available in our chair making our crafts quietly, thus improving our motor coordination and our self esteem with the satisfaction of a job ready.

Today’s pattern is about a beautiful work called Labyrinth Quilt. This work is done with the union of stitched fabrics by line, making a geographical design and a type of star in the center. Always pattern that has stars make the design more beautiful and that enchant to all.

I started researching on quilt and found it very interesting and good to do. I’ve done a lot of work on this technique from smaller patterns to bigger ones, a tip I tell you is to start without having to rush to finish. We must have patience and persistence to do something different and increase your knowledge. Knowledge is never too much, remember this.

We can do with this pattern inumerous models such as we can make two smooth colors, or we can make a color and the white background, we can mix the prints as for example, mix a plain fabric with a printed fabric as I left the example in the picture below and also in the photo I left of the example of the color of blue can make several shades so having the white background that matches everything. Make it your liking and as your imagination dictates.

I’m sure you’ll like this pattern to make a beautiful quilt or to leave in your decor. Remember that your imagination counts a lot when it comes to creating, doing with love, dedicate yourself to everything you do, always separate time for yourself, your work or hobby, nothing better than having a quality time for you and stay calm doing what you like is not really. So let’s go.

So let’s get down to business, if you also liked this pattern and found it amazing just like me, start right now doing your first job of this Labyrinth Quilt pattern and increase your craft knowledge. Below I leave the pattern that I found searching the internet with all the step by step and the necessary information that I left to share with you. You can make this quilt using a machine if you prefer, good work for everyone.

Pattern Step by Step ➨ Labyrinth Quilt

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