Flying Geese Quilt 


Flying Geese Quilt – Hello, good afternoon to all my friends who accompany us here on the website and also good afternoon to all our visitors, how are your crochet or patchwork projects? The secret of improvement is to always practice. Today in this post is for all who like and make patchwork crafts, made with fabrics sewn for those who do not know. It is easier to do compared to crochet, but it also has patterns of different levels of difficulty. A craft that makes use of a machine to do the sewing or can do with the hand, but it takes longer and with the use of the machine is a more uniform, more standard sewing.

If you never did, try to make this pattern, I’m sure you’ll like it, it’s quite a therapy, I love it. It is always good to learn new things about this wonderful world of handicrafts that have always been growing and new things appear. I have a lot of news for everyone, in addition to crochet patterns, news in patchwork patterns, crafts that I am also able to make. I have several ideas here to share with you, a collection of beautiful things and I’m sure you will love each one. Today the post will be from a beautiful project called Flying Geese.


For those who don’t know, patchwork craftsmanship is a work made with pieces of fabric, which are sewn together to give a beautiful effect. Like crochet, there are thousands of patterns made with fabrics, from the beginner level being easier to make, to the advanced level with more complex projects but nothing impossible. They are sewn with the help of sewing machines, and can also be sewn with your own hands, but it takes longer to finish.

Flying Geese Quilt

Work of Art with Fabrics

This craft has existed for many years, when it first appeared it was very well known because it was made of patchwork, sewn several squares, leftovers of fabrics of various colors and prints that they had in the house to reuse and make a beautiful quilt to warm up in winter.

That was how this modality emerged, which over the years has been changing and increasing new ways of making, new ways of sewing thus creating more and more new patterns. Today there are thousands of different patterns that can be made with fabrics, there are craft fairs where the works are displayed and evaluated to choose the best one.

Flying Geese Quilt 

Today the project that you just delivered to our site may be a beautiful pattern and is at a simple level to create, called the Flying Geese pattern name. This pattern features a great variation of shapes that may be made, it’s a really modern and geometric design, because it’s product of triangles, several triangles of materials that are sewn together forming a beautiful job.

You’ll be able to bonk in various ways by changing the direction of the triangles, in a very simple and practical way, thus creating the pattern your way. I’ve seen some ways to try to to it and that they all look beautiful, so let your creativity flow.


To change the pattern, just sew in different directions changing the designs. Searching photos on the internet, I see several models to make and giving an idea of ​​how to make it in an original way that you prefer, leaving your taste, unique. As I speak in every post for everyone, your creativity and imagination are very important in the area of ​​crafts.

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Tip with the fabrics is to wash them all and iron them before sewing, taking care not to stretch or unravel the fabric, always being delicate with your hands. If you liked this pattern, save it to your favorites and start now with this beautiful project. I left the link below that I found the free written step by step and with photos showing each step being done.

From this basic pattern you can make others by changing the direction and ways of sewing as I said earlier. Below I leave a photo of a model you can make, it looks beautiful and modern, great decoration for your room. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

Pattern Free with Step by Step – ☞ Flying Geese Quilt - quilt

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