Lone Star Quilt Pattern


Lone Star Quilt Pattern – Hello good morning to all our readers, how are your works. I am writing this post in the middle of quarantine, in this difficult moment that we are going through more I know that it will soon end. Nothing better than now to occupy our mind with good things and also with our hobby hobby or if you make pieces to sell it is a great opportunity to increase your products by making more pieces to sell, increasing the diversity of your physical or online store. We can’t stop, right?

I am very happy for each new person who has entered our site every day with new readers and I believe that our family will grow more and more with the help of everyone. If you liked our site, recommend it to friends and family, sometimes they are looking for free patterns that you can have here on our site that will help to do beautiful jobs. Last week I was reading the comments in our post and I am very happy that you are enjoying it, we have received many compliments, thank you for everything and we are going to pattern again today.


I love to see you satisfied with our patterns. Today in this post I will leave a quilt / patchwork pattern, many people here on our website like this type of craft made with pieces of fabric, very practical and also has many beautiful patterns. I bring to make today a very beautiful quilt pattern or it can also be used in decoration on the wall, carpet or wherever you prefer to place. 

Lone Star Quilt PatternAbout Quilt / Patchwork

It is always good to be practicing new things like that, gaining knowledge and also improving our motor coordination, and also the more we practice the more perfect the job will be. To practice this craft it is important to have the materials with good quality, good blades of your cutter, good scissors and materials for markings so as not to damage the fabric and make a difference in the cuts.

Remembering that it is essential to use a ruler to cut all the patches in the pattern correctly, being large and transparent with markings at each angles.  The use of the ruler facilitates the job so you can also cut several at once saving time.

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Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Today’s pattern is named Lone Star, which could be a block made by joining several small scraps to create the pattern. This pattern is incredibly well-known within the world of yank quilts and is extremely old and practiced by many so you’ll be able to not be unseen of it, learn today and do a fine looking job.

This pattern could be a big star with variations of 6 to eight points or it can even have more, it depends on the person doing the work if you would like to try and do it bigger or smaller. As you prefer as I always say, you can do it according to your way and personality.


There are several pieces together, triangles and squares sewn together that at the end of a great wonderful quilt. Before you start choose the color combinations that will use colors in the background using two or more colors as you wish. It is always good to do before sewing to change anything you want without having to sew afterwards.

The name of this pattern is because of the designer of its final result. Choose warm colors that match the star pattern that catches the eye, but if you want something lighter, nothing stops it. You can play with the colors by making strong colors in the center or near the edges, thus having a 3D effect.

If you like this pattern start right now or save it to your list of patterns to do later. Below I leave a link with the pattern written, with the complete step by step with all the necessary information. I also leave a video tutorial that I found to better understand how to do it together. Good job to all and until the next pattern. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

Patterns Free Written – Lone Star Quilt Pattern

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