Jane’s Binding Tool Star Quilt


Jane’s Binding Tool Star Quilt – Hello my friends like this week of all? this week I still didn’t stop to bring patterns here because I had a lot of work. With this pandemic we have to run to have an extra income to keep us going, many people have been sent away, companies are closing, but soon this will end and everything will be fine and back to normal. Here at home everything is fine, my family too and I hope that at your home everything is fine and healthy.

I’m taking the opportunity to make several patterns to sell and also prepare a lot of things for the website that I love so much, so I never stop, I wake up early and I’m only going to stop at night so the time passes quickly too, it’s good. Many people started doing something at home to sell at this stage so as not to be in cash, and crochet is one of the options to have extra income. It also helps people to reduce anxiety and cure depression.


When doing crochet, he relaxes us, calms us down by having the patience to make each stitch, and with that it helps a lot in our mental health thus also improving our physical health.So in this post I separated a beautiful, magnificent quilt pattern that is to be enchanted, make a new project to learn more every day. I think you’ve seen it on the internet but if you never did or never found the pattern, this is the right time and your next project for next month.


Jane’s Binding Tool Star Quilt

About Binding Tool Star Quilt

Today’s pattern as you can see is quilt, a very beautiful handicraft made with fabrics, this pattern is called the Binding Tool Star Quilt, it is a great pattern to innovate and delight everyone. It can be done in several ways, just using the center of the pattern or complete it or even make more parts by continuing and increasing from the sides.

If you search the internet you will see several color styles and modifications of this pattern. A friend made this pattern and left it on the wall of the room where she sews and does her work, it was very incredible, beautiful and original, it was a decoration with her work.

It is a very fun job to do and assemble, a good way to get distracted. It is not difficult to do as much as it seems to be, it is simple and looks very beautiful at the end when it is ready, it is very elegant. You can use various color combinations, as in the photo above you can see that several shades of red and some shades of purple were used and it was beautiful. I’ve seen patterns with shades of orange, blue and even a color that was beautiful and very cheerful.

Before you start your work, buy the fabrics, wash them all with neutral soap and then iron all the fabrics so they don’t get wrinkled and it’s easier to sew so it doesn’t get tangled or sewn wrong and spoil the fabric. It is always a good idea to prevent any unforeseen events that may ruin your work. You can use plain plain fabrics or even use printed fabrics and make several different and innovative models. 

Video tutorial

Below I left the video tutorial of this pattern that is really beautiful and very satisfying to make. The video is complete with all the necessary information, it shows the complete step by step with all the cutouts, all sizes, everything you need to make this wonderful piece. All the necessary materials she also shows in the video, take advantage of all the information and details passed by, she explains very well, I managed to make the pattern through the video and it was really amazing.


Our website has several quilt patterns too, see a little later, you will love it. I will put more materials on the weekend and I will always bring patterns around here every week to share what I found and liked the internet helping them all. Good work and until the next pattern here. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

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