Pattern Ripple Stitch Crochet

Welcome again here, new post for everyone who follows. We all like a beautiful and decorated house, even more if it is a decoration made with our hands is not it. There are countless pieces that can be placed in a decoration or even added to some decoration already existing in the environment, just giving an innovation. Make color combinations of your work with the furniture, such as combining carpets, vases, paintings, curtains. Leaving the contemporary environment with its original and original way.

Use your creativity to innovate and create beautiful pieces. Choose what to do before you start and what color to use, as today’s pattern is crochet and is a very easy pattern and you can do several things with it. So after choosing, separate your materials, buy your threads, see if your needles are good and of quality and let’s start with another wonderful crochet pattern.

Today’s pattern is a great pattern for those just starting out because it is easy and practical to do, it makes continuous stitches so learning more about the technique and getting more practical and improving your motor coordination. This pattern has many varieties of work that we can do, for example: rugs, table runners, clothes, bags, etc. You can use this pattern for many things you want to innovate as well.

The size of the piece depends on what you are going to do; the good thing about this pattern is that you can increase and decrease your work without changing anything, just make more or less stitches, keep doing until you get the size you want, or have fun with stitches making careers. The thickness of the stitch depends on the thickest or thinnest line, remember to always see before it changes the work on the final result. Thinner threads give more delicate stitches, thicker threads are used a lot in carpets.

Pattern Ripple Stitch Crochet

There are several pieces of crochet that can be made to use as decoration combining furniture and pieces from the environment. I have some crochet pieces that I use to decorate and I love that because nothing better than having pieces made by yourself is not. If you also have pieces made by your hands in the decoration send to us, we always like to see the work of our readers. The world of handicrafts grows every day and I love it so much because there are many news to learn and also to bring for you to practice. To have an extra income it is great to always stay on top of news and practicing, this pattern is old, very practiced and will never go out of style. Good pattern to make and sell as it is quick to make.

This pattern can use mix of colors or with pastels, light tones that look very beautiful. I already made a colorful rug to give away, it was quick to make and she loved it, and now I’m on a project to make it with light colors, a mixture of light pink, white and very light purple to give to a friend who is pregnant with a baby girl. We are looking forward to your arrival. An inspiration for you this idea, as well as in the photo I left of inspiration and also see how it looks in the final result.

Below I leave a tutorial video of the pattern to learn how to make, good to do together with the video, and I also leave the link below with the written pattern that I found free, make the most of it and do beautiful works. I hope you will be delighted as I am, until the next pattern.

Free Pattern – Stitch Crochet

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