Charlotte’s Dream Pattern


Welcome again here on our beloved handicraft website. Charlotte’s Dream – Today I bring you an amazing crochet pattern, our beloved handicraft made with yarn and our needles, that making every stitch make us proud in the end isn’t it. In this time that we are going through nothing better than to occupy the head with a hobby that brings us so many benefits, because it is not only for sale but also good for our memory and motor coordination.

If you are new here, you are very welcome and I hope you like our patterns, every week with news here for you, patterns of all levels. The world of handicrafts is immense and also of crochet there are countless patterns, different points to make and learn. Even more than crochet is a craft that can be innovated and changed whenever you want according to fashion or your imagination to create, thus increasing the number of patterns.


One thing is certain, handicrafts never die, they are always innovated by becoming more modern, but they are special as well as pieces from our grandmothers and our childhood. The crochet pieces are made delicately, each stitch must be done carefully because of the difference in the final result. We can use our imagination and change anything we want, add bright or lighter colors or even mix colors.


Charlotte’s Dream Pattern

Charlotte’s Dream Pattern

Today many people make crochet pieces to sell and also do as therapy and it has improved many people’s lives. It is no longer a grandparent thing but it is being practiced by people of all ages today because of its benefits. There are crochet patterns to make different pieces, such as rugs, gloves, caps, blankets, blankets, clothes, ornaments, whatever you want to do and innovate.

Today we are going to learn a pattern that can be used in bedspreads, blankets and even tablecloths, but nothing prevents you from using it in other pieces that you find beautiful and want to innovate as I said, do it according to your imagination.

Today’s pattern is called Charlotte’s Dream, it’s a well-known pattern, I’ve seen many people who made beautiful pieces using it with countless color combinations. This is a job that you must do. It is of intermediate level but nothing prevents you from doing it step by step with attention and determination.

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You can make many cool combinations with light or warm colors in the center, the result is very beautiful, it is simply incredible and very rewarding for those who do it. This pattern was very sought after last year because it was very well commented and brought here for you to learn and practice as well.


It is made in the form of squares that will join and give the size you want, the average size used is 12 Charlotte squares joined using two or more colors as you prefer, but it can also be smaller or larger depending on what you are going to do, as for example, an armchair blanket or a tablecloth will use fewer squares than if you are going to make a double bed quilt that will use more squares to assemble. Do as you prefer.

In the photos you can see how it looks like the final result of a square ready to join the other, it looks very beautiful it is charming, watch and let your creativity flow. Start right now, I left the link below that I found with the free pattern for you, here we always look for free patterns to help everyone achieve beautiful work.

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Pattern Available

Follow carefully all the information passed, all the step by step written. I will also leave to help even more a video tutorial showing the work being done as well. I left the video tutorial and youttube has the second and third part, enjoy and good work. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

 Pattern Free Available: Charlotte Square Ideas

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