Beginners Round Ripple Crochet


Beginners Round Ripple Crochet – Welcome everyone to our site, all the readers and if you are new here, welcome and I hope you like it, here we talk about the world of crafts in quilt or crochet. We love sharing information to help people with jobs, facilitating understanding and performance. The world of crafts never ends, on the contrary, only grows and with this new pattern and new designer, way of making stitches and union are emerging and we must be always attentive and seeing the news to keep us updated.

Over time, new techniques have been developed to develop incredible crafts. Making everything from ornaments and even clothes, from the simplest to the most complex, becoming incredible pieces of crafts that never go out of fashion and are modernizing every day. Crochet originated from the medieval era, consisting of an interlacing of lines with the help of a needle with curved tip.


Keep reading and learn how to make a wonderful crochet pattern with a pdf and video tutorial. In today’s post, we’ll talk a little more about the crochet patterns, this craft that we love, always good to know the news, than this one in the media and in fashion to expand your knowledge. 

Beginners Round Ripple Crochet


About the Pattern

The name of today’s pattern is Beginners Round Ripple Crochet, this pattern is very useful, because through it we will do several things like: blankets for adults and baby, bedspreads, rugs, tablecloth, or something different like a tree skirt. Finally, whatever you want to try to do. I hope you all enjoy and make wonderful and chic pieces and send me photos that i actually prefer to see. i’m happy when each standard I provide is beneficial and that i share it with you. 

It is important to remember that in order to learn how to work with crochet (and other craft techniques) it is fundamental to constantly practice new patterns and new points, always doing new work to have more experience and skills that will help improve and techniques, and this helps a lot to stay easier to create elaborate and sophisticated pieces over time, increasing knowledge.

This pattern is a good easy crochet for anyone who is learning this world of crochet if you are the beginner level, so do not waste time trying this pattern. Round Ripple is a crochet wave pattern simple enough to make in a short time and has an impressive result. It’s hard not to love these vibrant zigzags.


Wire Weight – Aran (8 wpi)?
Hook Size – 5.5 mm (I)


This pattern has a beautiful wave designer that in the end forms a beautiful and attractive design for those who see it, it can also mix the colors of your preference, your favorite color or according to your decor. One thing is for sure, this pattern delights everyone by looking like a star, being a tip to make a beautiful baby room rug with light colors to leave a cleaner environment. It makes me want to make several models, I already have projects to do for all my nephews and relatives. In my son’s room there is already a beautiful one with 3 shades of blue.

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Below is the complete pattern in PDF format that I know that many people like the explanations so they can print and do their work wherever they can, like waiting in line at a bank, on the beach, on their balcony, at relatives’ home anyway, so you don’t waste time doing your project. I also leave a video tutorial on how to do step by step to better understand. I hope you enjoy it as well as me and good work. Comment here what you think, it is important for us, kisses. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern PDF – Beginners Round Ripple by Donna Mason-Svara