Cathedral Window Quilt


Cathedral Window Quilt – Another pattern arrived here for you, I was homesick to come and make a post and update our website for you to learn a little more about this wonderful world of craftsmanship that we love so much, really. Another month has passed and even with the difficulties we will not be sad, we will be distracted doing our hobby that we like so much.

Working with crafts gives us many health benefits in addition to earning extra money from work, improves our memory, hand joints and frees us from depression. This time I bring a different pattern that many were asking for is a quilt pattern. The quilt technique is different from crochet, the crochet is made with stitches made with yarn and the quilt is made with pieces of fabric sewn and thus forming the patterns.


It is always good to explore new types of jobs and those who already practice it are always good to learn even more to improve their skill and increase their knowledge. With this technique it is very common to make bedspreads of all sizes, sofa covers, carpets and ornaments.

Cathedral Window Quilt

Working with fabrics

Among the patterns there are many options of bedspreads, colors and varieties for all tastes, being able to choose what you like best through the shapes of designs and union. Some jobs take a little longer than others, depending on the size of the project you are going to do. One more thing is for sure, the end result is gratifying.

The pattern I chose to make for you today is a very well-known project and many people have already done beautiful work with it. It is the so-called Cathedral Window Quilt, it has a simply passionate result and has a designer looking 3D, very interesting. You can free your imagination and make different types with various sizes and colors, you can do it by hand sewing or using a sewing machine.

Cathedral Window Quilt

This beautiful quilt pattern is made with traditional blocks that are sewn together making folds and forming three-dimensional designs as if they were “windows”. So each square sewn together you join according to the step by step and forming the design.

This pattern of blocks from the cathedral window gives many ideas for use in various types of quilt projects, or even make that makeover on the quilt you have at home.. With this pattern you give your bedspreads an elegant touch, use your imagination and play with the combinations of fabrics.

With this pattern we can make bedspread, blankets, sofa covers, pillow cases, rugs, whatever you want and what your imagination creates. The main ones used are bedspreads and pillow covers. Use the colors you like best or combine with your decor, use two up to 3 colors in the pattern is beautiful, or use a plain fabric and another with print, it is very beautiful this combination than just two plain colors, a tip. This bedspread gives us an aspect of lightness, something comfortable.



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Separate all materials, see if nothing is missing, sit in your favorite and comfortable place to let your imagination flow and your work yield more. I like cool places like the garden or the balcony because I love contact with nature. Now just start your work.

Below I leave the link where I made the pattern that has the step by step all written, with the measurements used and with photos to help better understand and not make mistakes. Each step, sewing that you have has a photo to show you where to do it right, this is all very well explained. I also leave you a video tutorial if you prefer to follow the steps in the video, it’s also great to learn by watching someone else do it, I really liked it and shared it with you.

I will still do one more job with this pattern, thinking about a cushion cover for my balcony and thus improve my skills in this type of pattern. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, it’s just rewarding the ending. Good job to all and until the next pattern. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

Pattern Free Written ☛ Cathedral Window Quilt