Crochet flower Granny Square


Crochet flower Granny Square – Hello my friends, I’m here again to share a very beautiful pattern that enchanted me yesterday and I saved it to bring here for everyone to be able to do it too. It is so beautiful and delicate that it is very perfect, today it is about a square crochet flower that makes the result beautiful, beautiful to make your environment more beautiful and cozy with the decoration. It is an easy pattern to make, it is not at all difficult as it may seem, it will make you delighted with the result and feel good for having made a beautiful piece with your hands.

With this pattern we can make many beautiful things, both whole pieces and use them in other pieces to innovate or make a bar. With it we can make pillow covers that look too beautiful for the living room or your sofa on your backyard balcony, you can make a beautiful blanket for your armchair or sofa, make a curtain or towel bar, make a beautiful tablecloth, in short, the that you prefer to do and innovate will be perfect.


It needs to be done carefully so as not to get bent or with extra stitches somewhere so that the flower will be wrong, attention and dedication will be all right. I have crochet pieces for the whole house, it never goes out of style and I love it. If you are interested in the pattern then don’t waste time, keep reading and let’s do it together.

Crochet flower Granny Square

Pattern Crochet Flower Granny Square

As I left above in the photo, this is the result of a type of crochet flower square that I will leave, beautiful isn’t it? When I saw it on the internet, I saved it to share here on our website, because I find it very useful to do many things, so it is good to learn.

Crochet is very useful for everything, both to make many crochet things for our home or clothes, as well as to sell and earn income and also to bring us health benefits such as improving coordination and memory. Pattern is simple to make and uses little material, just yarn that suits your taste. Enjoy and make more pieces to practice even more and get better every day.

With this pattern you can have fun in the colors and do as you prefer, in the photo above I left just one example but any color you use will be beautiful, believe in your good taste and also if it is something for the environment see the color according to your decoration to make it more cozy. Making a blanket with this pattern is very beautiful the final result, the union of the squares giving a beautiful delicate and elegant design.

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Great suggestion to make a gift for someone, a blanket or a pillow with the cover of this pattern, the person will love to be enchanted with such beauty and style. For this, always choose neutral colors that are easier to match the person’s decor.


To make this pattern we leave two models below, I leave a graph that helps in counting the points, graph of the photo left as a model. I also left two tutorial videos that are slightly different models and that are beautiful, so I can learn in more ways with little difference but all beautiful and charming too. Make the most of the information and I hope you like it as much as I loved it when I saw the result of this work.

Thank you for visiting and always come back, every week I have news here for free for all. See also other patterns that we have available here, sometimes like something useful here or find something you’ve been looking for a long time. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

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