Pattern Bavarian Crochet


Hello and welcome always here on our dear website. Bavarian crochet – Our craft world never goes away so we can’t stop either. For everyone who loves crochet or patchwork, quilt, this is your place because here we always bring great new patterns and old ones that are better known and important and best of all, we look for free patterns that you don’t have to pay for. Here it is for everyone to learn and whenever we find cool things we will bring here in the post.

We always have amazing patterns to share, so don’t miss any patterns here.  Today’s post is about a crochet pattern, the craft that we love so much and that has been practiced for many years and is always innovating according to modernity. Practicing is always necessary, learning new patterns, maintaining our skill with the needle and stitches and thus always improving.


It is quite common to pass on this good taste with handicrafts, with this culture, from generation to generation.  To play with crochet or other handicrafts you are no longer old, from child to elderly, it is up to each person. As you know, there are many tutorials for crochet patterns on the internet and in books, and today we have separated one of the best known patterns to bring here for you with a lot of love.

bavarian crochet

Pattern Bavarian Crochet

As you can see, this is the one in the photo above that I left to see the final result of the pattern and its designer as it looks, besides also having an inspiration in the color that can be used and how it is making a mixture of tones.  This pattern is known by the name of Bavarian, it is very practiced because it has a beautiful designer and is of a basic level … that’s right, this beautiful pattern is very easy to make and you will have fun.

With this pattern we can make a beautiful blanket for your bed or your baby’s blanket. Use and abuse your creativity to create and combine colors to give away or even decorate your home. Cozy or colorful light colors giving a cheerful air, or elegant colors with a mixture of warm and cold colors.

Do a search in colors and combinations and you will see that they are endless and all are beautiful. Now that you know how the final result will be and the colors you were going to use, start separating your materials, threads, needles, scissors and let’s go to the pattern. With love and dedication we can do everything. Besides that crochet gives us many benefits not only in cash selling the works but also benefits for our health.

How to Use and Make

Before you start to do, check in your materials if everything is in order, necessary threads, needles in good condition and if you have the necessary material. With this pattern you can make beautiful pieces such as bedspreads, blankets, bags, rugs, cushion covers, eyeglass covers, in short there are countless options to enjoy.

The result is simply incredible. Remembering that if you are going to make a piece for babies it is necessary to use soft threads to not hurt or have allergies. A quilt with this crochet stitch has a unique and incredible design, when we use light colors it is a piece that gives the aspect of comfort and warmth.


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Well if you liked this pattern start right now, save this post as a favorite and enjoy. Below I left a link with the pattern written with all the information needed to make each stitch, each step of that pattern. Then I also left a video tutorial to better understand and follow each point along with the video, everything is free. Good job to all of you and have fun. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage.

 Free Tutorial – Pattern Bavarian Crochet