Pattern Daisy Granny Square Crochet


Pattern Daisy Granny Square Crochet – Welcome to our wonderful crafts website, where we leave you all up to date with the best and current patterns of crochet and quilt. Today we are going to talk about a crochet pattern, so for all those who practice and love crochet do not miss this incredible pattern today.

It is always good to be updating and always practicing because it is with the practice that is gaining experience and improves the skill with the hook and the wire thus having more coordination at the time of making the points. Having more practice also causes you to finish a job faster, spending less time to do the points and the whole job.


Having agility in making and finishing the pieces is great for those who sell and have a store with their jobs, as it can make more pieces for sale in less time. Being able to make several different colors also of a pattern thus being able to attend to all the tastes of its clients and please to all. Always having news to offer.

Pattern Daisy Granny Square Crochet

Pattern Daisy Granny Square Crochet

This pattern is a well known pattern and also practiced by many crocheters. It can be done in various projects in different pieces such as: blankets, blankets, decoration, pillow covers anyway, use for whatever you want or restore old pieces. It is a square made with a daisy flower in the center, this flower is made with 3D effect that fuller and embossed plug.

The pattern is called Daisy Granny Square, a tip to use it is baby blanket / blanket, it looks just beautiful with daisy squares. It is the result of a delicate and cheerful pattern. You can use the color you prefer, make it more delicate with light colors or cheerful with more vivid colors, you have many creative options to make and produce as you prefer.

Size Pattern

The size of the pattern will depend a lot on what you will produce. Each square that joins will increase your design as if it is a baby blanket will be smaller, but if it is a bed blanket you will have to join more squares and thus be larger, thus not having a right size.

Choose your favorite color and make your combinations, separate your materials and choose what project you will do so when everything is ready you can start.


Daisy texture is soft and perfect for baby pieces. Remembering that baby parts you should use soft yarn,Suggested yarn Caron One Pound, Yarn weight Aran (8 wpi), Yardage 100 – 300 yards (91 – 274 m).

This pattern is delicate and so beautiful and intermediate to easy, so it’s good for people who are crocheting and want to do something beautiful early in their crochet career. 

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I have been sharing patterns for 2 years now for everyone who loves this craft just like me and I feel very good about it and happy for the many positive comments I get for it. This Daisy Blanket can customize beyond the size you want in the colors and combinations you prefer for whatever you do. 

If you liked this beautiful hj pattern, which is in the photo like me, take advantage of it and below you can find the pattern link totally available for free. So with all the information needed to make this project, here you can follow each step by step and make an incredible project.


I hope you like it and also see our other patterns here available on our website. Good job to everyone and I hope you do a good job. Comment what you think and how was your experience, kisses. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern Available Ravelry – Daisy Granny Square Crochet


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