Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Blanket


Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Blanket – Today I woke up inspired by leaving patterns here for you, I spent hours researching and seeing beautiful works and I separated some to post here for you, I’m sure you will like it. Today I had my whole day free, so I was able to take the time to search a lot of free patterns, photos and various cool things. We always have to be seeing the news and also patterns, successful works. I know there are a lot of people like me who are passionate about crochet and patchwork, quilt.

Today I bring a crochet pattern that is incredibly wonderful and detailed, which makes for a very productive job. Crochet always innovates and creates new pieces, but we must always remember the beautiful works that have existed for years and are still practiced by many people, who became successful and won several awards. We will always value our work in addition to giving us satisfaction, it also provides health benefits and extra income. So separate your materials and come with me on this beautiful work.


As stated above, in search of news for you I found this beautiful crochet pattern that I left the final result here, this beautiful blue bedspread, just perfect in every detail, at every point. If you know but have never had the opportunity to make or not find the pattern this is the time and your opportunity.

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Blanket

Pattern Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Blanket

The designer of this crochet is impressive and every detail of it. I’m sure that any color you choose to make this one will look beautiful, you can even mix two shades that look beautiful too, researching I saw several colors and they all looked beautiful. If you were looking for an innovative and very cozy, elegant pattern, you found it, make this quilt pattern that you will not regret.

Crochet has never gone out and will never go out of style because it always innovates and finds its space in the modern world, whether in a complete piece or in some detail of the piece giving it a charm. Today’s crochet pattern is known by the name of Sophie Loves Bjorn Winter, this blanket that I researched was created by Emma Aldous, all credits and my congratulations are to her that she created and we are going to do it too.

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The size of the pattern will depend on the edges you make in the center. You can take some rows if you prefer something simpler, or if you don’t want the other blocks around, being a smaller pattern for another purpose. Anyway the crochet can be modified as you prefer, following the tutorial or even make it in its original form. Works like this on this quilt are very rewarding at the end even if it takes a while to finish because of the size or detail, but the end pays off.


I left the photo above to see the result and also serve as inspiration to modify where you want and choose the color of your preference and make your combinations with your favorite color. This pattern will also be in my favorite crochet bedspread folder for sure. This pattern is a beautiful union of patterns like Mandala Dandelion, Circles of the Sun, Dandelion Edge and some parts of Sophie’s Universe CAL. The result of these combinations is fantastic, a true masterpiece that resulted in the Sophie Loves Bjorn Winter pattern.

Pattern Available

If you liked this pattern as well as I did, take advantage of the pattern that I made available by sharing with you, I found it in the form of PFD that many find better. Make beautiful works of different colors and comment what you think. Save our site and always visit us because I leave news here daily. Good work to all and see you next time. Follow our facebook page and see what’s new on the site Fanpage  and group.

Pattern Free PDF   Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn - crochet

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